July 28th-August 11th 2019

concierge support

Ongoing support from peers in your cohort and the facilitator, with dignity and respect to your immediate business needs to reach your goals.

Not only from the your group but each member is assigned their own accountability partner for the 2 weeks.

The Think tank

Every member of the mastermind will be put to the test with knowledge checks, reassurance, and given the opportunity to discuss their current business obstacles, goals, and challenges. They will get individual advice from the invited expert, the facilitator and the entire team.


Each week you will receive lessons taught by me through a blended learning approach, with break out sessions with other members of the group. This in turn will equip you with a game plan to revitalize your business and establish a plan for growth.


As a member of this exclusive community it is expected for you to take action, you will be spotlighted, encouraged, and asked to set your goals for 2 weeks with the intent to CRUSH IT. This is a judgement-free zone and safe environment for learning and growing your service-based business.

Becoming an AMBASSADOR

The main purpose of this mastermind is build life-long relationships with like-minded people that you can count on to get you through your business obstacles. Each member of this cohort will be assigned an ambassador for 2 weeks. No one supports you more than a stranger that want to see you win too!

1 Call Every Monday

1 Call Every Monday

2 weekly intention calls

This call will be to help you set your intentions for the week as we dive into the content. This will be to clarify confusion and set the expectations.

Time block: 1 hour each call

Every Wednesday and Friday via Zoom

Every Wednesday and Friday via Zoom


This will include 2 online lessons per week with an agenda of topics to cover. Each session will include a 30 minute Q & A session at the end. Each member will be prompted with pre-work to prepare.

Time block: 90 minutes each lesson

Delivered Virtually (Self-Directed)

Delivered Virtually (Self-Directed)

interactive workbook

Will include:

  • 30 Day Program Plan

  • Success Templates

  • Toolkit

  • Conversion Blueprint

  • Overcoming Objections Script

  • Pricing Your Programs

  • Call Scripts

Time block: Self-Directed


wEEK 1

*Monday Intentions Call

*Branding ( Positioning Yourself As The Authority)

*Dream Client Analysis ( who you should be working with )

*Setting Your Business Up For Success

*How To Identify Profitable Content

*How To Craft Your Signature Program And Make It Profitable Using A One-Sheet



*Monday Intentions Call

*Develop Your Top 3 Methods To Grow Your Business With A Signature System

*You Will Learn How To Develop High-Value Programs & Packages To Attract The Right Clients

*Identify Opportunities For Your Business Now & How To Incorporate It

*Benefits Of Using Group Coaching For Business

*Finding Fortune ($) In Following Up

  • 20% off all products, coaching, and services (excludes membership community)

  • New relationships built with other members in the mastermind