We Can Help You Design, Develop And Deliver Services That Bridge The Gap Between The Boardroom And Reality. Learn How To Better Connect With YourTeam And Clients.


Business Development

Developing a business in today’s market means you have to go above and beyond to attract the right audience. We can help you to develop and deliver world-class services, identify and enhance key points of professional attraction, as well as, identify and develop additional streams of income. We’ll help you design methods of delivery, identify risks, solve problems and sell your product or service.

Offerings: Business Strategy, Entrepreneur Workshops, Professional Development, Business Process Improvement, Program Development Course Creation Strategies, Business Coaching


Business Consulting

Growing your business or organization requires thinking outside of the box. We work to help you develop a cutting edge product, service or process. We offer a concierge approach to professional development and business coaching. And we can offer ideas, tools and mindsets that will help you to take your career to the next level.

Offerings: Professional Development, Career Development, Entrepreneur Workshops, Course Creation Strategies


Strategic Management

Even those of us with the best intentions can find ourselves in the midst of a major crisis. We help individuals and corporate interests navigate through crises and develop strategies that help to insure that you thrive, manage risks, control damage and survive an on-going concern.

Offerings: Succession Planning, Strategic Planning, Employee Engagement, Reorganization Support, Organizational Assessment, Change Management


Training Development

F.A.C.E. The Agency provides additional capacity to clients, helping to create, manage, monitor, and execute training programs for small business owners, schools and organizations. Examples of our successful projects include developing of learning & knowledge management strategy, organizational training plans, standard operating procedures, training program evaluation, course creation for entrepreneurs, program creation for entrepreneurs, and more. Our support also includes overall course roll-out strategy, pre-event planning, onsite logistics support, facilitation, post-event reporting, and training evaluation for organizations. F.A.C.E The Agency experts uses best practices, new technologies, and innovative methods to develop end-to-end training programs that meet critical goals.

Offerings: Curriculum Development & Design, Staff Training, Training Handbook Development, Training Planning & Logistics, Needs Assessment, Facilitation. Course Creation, Program Creation, Course and Program Audits, Creating Your Online Course For Entrepreneurs