Are You A consultant, Coach,
ceo, or service-Based provider?

Well……The core of your business relies on attracting YOUR IDEAL AUDIENCE, building trust, and sustaining them. It’s the invitable to be excellent at what you do….but what about the value you add to your clients or staff?

Your audience grow to know your value and are knocking on your door to eagerly work with you. Have you met them yet? Are you training to convert and sustain? Your audience should know that you are unique and an asset. You and your organization stand out in your industry. Your audience show up ready to learn and grow. They do the work, obtain the results, and transform.

Without training that works, your business/organization will suffer. Potential and warm clients seek the results you yield.

F.A.C.E. The Agency sets You apart

Welcome to F.A.C.E. The Agency. Take a look around, view our quick mini-class, book your FREE breakthrough strategy call, and identify if we are a fit for your business/organization.

We help our clients like yourself develop world-class course programs with high-impact concierge coaching programs. We provide concierge and technical support to sustain life-long clients. We take a creative approach to mindset shift training; which will in turn minimize your self-doubt, remedy your obstacles, diffuse your roadblocks and ultimately transform your business/organization.

As a trainer, consultant, CEO, leader, or service-based provider you should be focused on transforming your audience. Once you acquire our help , you get to keep your focus on what you do best, and our team of experts are there to collaborate with you, and walk you step by step along the road to creating your irresistible course programs. 



If you are seeking to build course programs that will yield RESULTS greater than you’ve ever expected, you’ll have to do things you’ve never done before.

In collaboration with us you will impact as many businesses and organizations as possible. However, if you are unethical, we are simply not for you or your organization.

However, if you’re 1000% committed to doing the work, providing value to your industry, and have a forward thinking mindset then you have arrived to the right place. We rely heavily on you and your organization’s authenticity and transparency.

Key Characteristics:

You are thought-provoking, accessible, driven, and decisive. You will do whatever it takes to save or bring your business or organization back to life with irresistible course programs, then you have come to the right place.

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We help you get there

Are you tired of creating mediocre training programs, crossing your fingers to see immediate change in your business/organization, or drowning in uncertainty. Attract, Convert, Teach. Less about you and more about your clients/students. The traditional way for creating courses and training will not sustain your business/organization. Fluff + Fluff= Uncertainty. Build the trust your clients and staff desire.

Here’s your chance to decide whether you want to land endless contracts, transform lives, and create immediate impact or become a mediocre business owner or organization with stagnant results.

When you’re ready, click below to watch our quick mini class detailing the exact process we use to help our clients develop world-class course programs that organically grow their revenue, get REAL results, and ultimately crush their business and organization goals.


Meet Your Master Training Consultant & Success Coach

Hello! I’m Armani Foster the CEO of Armani A. Foster, LLC, Investor, and Founder of F.A.C.E. The Agency.

As one of the most sought out training consultants & success coaches, I have launched several high-impact course programs for 6-7 figure businesses & helped hundreds of consultants and businesses land endless contracts in less than 12 months nationwide. I have over 10 years of expert experience designing, developing, and assessing high-value course programs for businesses and organizations.

I have been recognized across agencies and reached my first 6-figure mark for my programs by 27.

I am ready to transform your industry & write your success story in your business/organization..


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Disaster Preparedness Trainer & Coach

“With Armani and her team’s help, I redesigned my course programs, adjusted my prices, and added a coaching component to all of my course programs. She’s the reason why we’ve been able to hire a team and quadruple our revenue. I now have students enrolling and investing nationwide. If you’re serious about transforming your course programs. Begin with Armani & F.A.C.E. The Agency!

-Michael S.

CEO, Founder of Aftermath