Our mission is to provide our clients with business development and creative training consulting to help businesses and organizations reach viable solutions with educational platforms.

F.A.C.E The Agency, is a business development, training, and consulting firm. Over the years, we have worked with professionals and entrepreneurs in need of critical advice, coaching and strategic navigation to take their businesses and organizations to the next level. We have over 12 years of Business and Corporate experience in a variety of industries.

We provide a variety of insight, best practices, and tools through a range of customized consulting solutions which deliver sustainable business improvements. F.A.C.E The Agency delivers organizational performance improvement consulting and mission support services. Our solutions are customized for each of our client’s specific to their business, organization or experience. We’ve led planning efforts, built teams, designed innovative training, advised strategy development, conducted program evaluations, managed programs, supported change management, ad helped entrepreneurs grow profitable businesses.

F.A.C.E The Agency’s philosophy is based on a foundation of building a partnership with our clients to improve the way business is done in today’s market. We have team of highly talented consultants who are experienced with bringing best practices and insights to our clients. The typical F.A.C.E The Agency consultant is highly educated, with many years applicable work experience. Our team members have proven track records that promote the high standards and professionalism that are the hallmark of our company.

It all started when…

F.A.C.E. The Agency was birthed, out of a community effort to help men & women build more sustainable businesses with education and knowledge. After spending years in corporate america, attending industry events with business executives and listening to stories of how newbie entrepreneurs couldn’t make it past 3 years in business. Our founder wanted to immediately help people grow their businesses, make it more profitable, and teach them how they can turn their knowledge into a business. She realized that the biggest pitfall was a solid foundation.

So, she took the initiative to create what other industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and service-based providers needed. (Training & Business Development)

F.A.C.E. The Agency began as a community effort and then grew to a training & consulting firm for aspiring, new, current, and seasoned business owners seeking to grow strong service and knowledge platforms.

Who we are Today….

Our goal is to equip you with the resources tools to “FACE” any obstacle, agency, or opportunity you are presented with.

We are here to help you and your organization with your development, training, and business needs.

We help our clients develop world-class courses, programs, training, and education businesses with concierge coaching. We provide concierge and technical support to sustain life-long clients. We take a creative approach to mindset shift training; which will in turn minimize your self-doubt, remedy your obstacles, diffuse your roadblocks and ultimately transform your life and business.

Once you acquire our help , you get to keep your focus on what you do best, and our team of experts are there to collaborate with you, and walk you step by step along the road to growing your business. 

We are now happy to service:

  • Small-business owners

  • Organizations

  • Schools


Armani Foster, Founder & CEO

Armani brings over 12 years of business and coaching experience within public sector, private sector, and with entrepreneurs. She specializes in developing and implementing business strategies that cross technical and functional boundaries. She spent majority of her career as a senior training consultant advising companies on their organizational development strategies and strategic training initiatives to increase revenue. She has managed multi-million dollar portfolios and retooled programs for industry executives across the country. She also spent time as a corporate manager before she entered entrepreneurial leadership as a success coach, investor, and business strategist for small business owners. She is an expert at helping people package their knowledge into a profitable business all while establishing solid foundations for any business through scalability. Armani earned a BS and MA in HRD with an emphasis in Business and Training Development from Bowie State University. She also holds a certification in Consulting.


Chas D’elle, Director of Business Development

Chas D'elle brings over 13 years of experience as an astute business professional. He is an influencer, investor and director, with partnerships with multiple companies. He is an expert in helping creatives create a stronger connection with their passion. Seeing the parallels, he now transfers that unique and powerful gift to the business world and the online space helping entrepreneurs step up and stand out as the expert in their industry. He holds a BS in Communications, Media Management.